FYI: If you are searching for a zipper color, be sure to put it in a 5 digit format. In other words, if you are looking for "501" , please enter "00501" in the search box. This keeps the zipper numbers from having problems with other products. Thank you!
FYI: If you are searching for a zipper color, be sure to put it in a 5 digit format. In other words, if you are looking for "501" , please enter "00501" in the search box. This keeps the zipper numbers from having problems with other products. Thank you!
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Frequently Asked Questions
Customer Service:  Ordering, Discounts, Combining Orders, Shipping 
Sew Like a Rock Star, LLC  (SLARS)  and Sew Much Nicer, LLC (SMN)

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We don't do them.  Rarely, if a supplier does not fulfill our order for an item (happens with thread buys on SMN now and then), we will issue a refund for the item we could not supply to you. 


#1 reason to combine orders:  Using two different coupon codes.
Second most popular reason:  You forgot to order something.
Third most popular reason:  You just checked out and then discovered we have another deal going on that you want to take advantage of.

Our software only allows one coupon code per order.

For any of the types of reasons stated above, you may place a second order and use any appropriate codes on the subsequent orders so you will be able to take advantage of any current discounts for other products. 

📌 Working within the constraints of the software, shipping is charged by the best guess the software can make. When orders are combined, sometimes that causes shipping to also go up - according to increase in package size or weight, obviously. Please keep that in mind.

📌 IMPORTANT: You MUST place any orders you would like to have us consider to combine into one package within ONE HOUR of each other. NO EXCEPTIONS!

 📌 The reason for this: We have a policy, especially important during crazy busy sales, etc, to ALWAYS wait until an order is at least one hour old before our team packs it.  This gives YOU time to take advantage of multiple sales, promotions, etc.

 📌 Colorado orders: Your order will be taxed at our location in Douglas County. If you do not agree with this, please do not order

CODE USAGE❗️ ❗️❗️ Confused ❓ ❓ ❓
We may offer different discounts for different groups of people... or on different product lines, events, or downloads at the same time.

Coupon Codes MUST be entered at the time of purchase - NO EXCEPTONS.  Be sure to review your order and verify your order total is correct before making payment.

On that note, we STRONGLY DISCOURAGE the use of Paypal's  "One Click" / "Fast Checkout" option!  Many customers seem to miss entering their coupon codes because of this and it makes a terrible mess to correct!!!  

Our software only allows one coupon code per order.  See "Combining Orders" for a way to always "beat the system" 😁


The system will allow you to use more than one gift card on an order.
Gift cards are valid for five years.  No cash refunds on gift cards.


Please read them! 


All sales final on all goods.  

ROD PRICING at shop.sewmuchnicer

Some rods may already be at a special price and not eligible for VIP discounts, sales, etc.   Please read the descriptions for the items carefully.


Our software does the best guess it can - but different items need bigger boxes, and combining also may result in over paying.  Shipping overages of $3 or more will be credited back to your account by a gift card to be used on future orders. These are processed about once a week.  Watch your email for it.  No refunds are given on shipping.


SMN never stocks thread.   Ever.   The only time orders are accepted for thread are during our "buys".   Be sure to get on our email list and watch your emails for these special events.   

VIPs get deep discounts every day on most items at SMN and many other perks.  To become a VIP, check out the store. 

If you are a VIP, coupon codes for your discount are posted within the VIP Exclusive Group within our Mighty Network (MN).   

Everyone is welcome to join the Sew Like A Rock Star Mighty Network - it's free.  Some groups within MN are limited to special groups of people like our VIPs or those folks attending special live events. 

CLICK HERE to get to the Sew Like a Rock Star Mighty Network


 We do our best to give Sew Like a Rock Star VIPs the first crack at limited products and always at the best pricing!

On release day, the items will go active on or on - for the appropriate item. 

VIPs... remember your 60% off discount code for zippers is always on - see your Secret Group in Mighty Networks for the COUPON CODE you will need at checkout time!  (link in paragraph above)  When the release happens, you're ready to go!  Other products may offer lower discount codes for VIPS.

Depending on product, COUPON CODES of up to 30% off for everyone is released - usually on second day of Product Releases.  Stay tuned to the groups and your email! ... 😉... ...while we're here... ...😉...

If you need anything else, please pop a question in our Mighty Network Group and someone will answer back quickly!

If you have a private account question, then please feel free to write us at  or 

Thanks so much! Sally & Joel