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Before you order, be sure to check out our Facebook group for any current, applicable COUPON CODES. The only authorized places for our discount codes to be explained and offered are here:

Orders, once placed, cannot expected be modified to combine with other orders and WILL NOT have discounts (if any) applied. Place your order carefully.

Shop terms and conditions apply.


The shipping charges that are applied to an order at the time of checkout are truly our best estimate. Because one pound of some items take up more space than one pound of another item (think of bricks vs marshmallows - or - fabric vs zippers as an example) , it is impossible to be accurate with shipping charges. We are doing our best to tweak our shipping schedules so no order gets outrageously overcharged. This is especially difficult to do with international orders. Please know: at the time we pack your order, if you have paid $5 or more too much in shipping charges, we will issue a refund at the time we ship your package. Remember (*especially* with pre-orders/group buys) we are not selling with typical retail markups. Therefore, we don't have the margins to offer free shipping, backorders, etc. Thanks for understanding.


No credit terms are offered. All sales are final. Therefore, if any payment, in any form, is returned for any reason, you will be invoiced and you agree to resolve the payment immediately.

Payments to us are typically identified on your credit card statement as "Sally Thompson" or "Sewing Patterns" or "Sew Much Nicer" , "Craftsy" or "Etsy" or something similar. If your card account is affected by any credit card fraud, security breach, etc that is not related to your transaction with us, make sure your bank knows that your transaction with us was legitimate. If we suffer a chargeback due to unrelated fraud, etc, we will forward any fees charged to us back to you.

If necessary, we will send invoices to the same email address that was used for payment.

If an invoice is not paid within 14 days, on the 15th day you will be assessed a $50 administrative fee for us to send the account to collection and/or attorney for processing. A late payment handling charge of $20 per month or 1.5% per month (whichever is higher) will be assessed monthly on any outstanding balances over 30 days. You agree the venue for any court actions shall be Douglas County, Colorado or Salt Lake County, Utah USA. Moreover, member of the group/customer agrees to pay any NSF & Chargeback fees that Sew Much Nicer incurs because of the customer's transaction.

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