YKK zip #4.5 double handbag pull 40in 026 Baby Blue IN STOCK

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40" Double Head #4.5 Zipper

The picture below is an example of the head-to-head double pull zipper:

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YKK Premium Zipper - Difficult to find this size zipper in colors! We special order these colors in this size

4.5mm Nylon Coil - 50% wider teeth than a typical #3 zipper

This is a head-to-head / double pull zipper - for project that you want the zipper heads to meet in the middle.

This zipper may also be trimmed into two zippers.

Consider buying extra zipper pulls from us to use leftover coil if you have trimmed to size part of one zipper.

Longer, Locking Zipper Pull Handle - designed for use with purses, handbags, pouches or men's items

40" length - easily trimmable for most projects

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