BONZA! Rods for Bionic Gear Bag Pro - The BONZA!

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Straight Bag Frames for the Bionic Gear Bag Pro - The BONZA!

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These are from pristine aluminum and will arrive as a set of 6 rods (2 rods with caps and 4 rods without caps) that create 1 set.   The set will provide the suggested quantity of rods to complete a Bionic Gear Bag 2 Pro project.  

We sell these as a courtesy item so that you don't have to go out and source the rod, cut it, smooth it, etc.... if you don't want to.  :)  

Each set of "rods" create a set to make your Bionic Gear Bag Pro - The Bonza.  As pictured, two rods will include the black caps on the ends and there will be three rods that come in the set which will not require caps to complete your project. 

Interior rods are 8 1/2" without caps

Exterior rods are 8 3/4", with caps are approximately 8 7/8"

Please see dropdown for pricing.   Available as follows: 

1 = 1 set (5 rods; 2 w/caps and 3 without)

3 = 3 sets (15 rods; 6 w/caps and 9 without) 

10 = 10 sets (50 rods; 20 w/caps and 30 without)

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