Handcrafted Cedar Wood Point Turner and Finger Press

Regular price $18.50

* * * LIMITED QUANTITY - No clue of when we will get these again * * * 
* * *  Our guy is threatening to retire from  making these. * * *  

When inventory indicates the item is SOLD OUT, it means what it says and it will no longer be available.   These items were handcrafted by one of our Sew Much Nicer member's very talented husband.


 This item is for a handcrafted Point Turner approximately 6.5" in length with a flat end for finger pressing, folding, burnishing which will fit nicely in your hand was you work on your project.  A one-of-a-kind feature is a flat side to keep your handcrafted tool from rolling off your work surface.

 This item is a special sale item, handcrafted just for Sew Much Nicer members. What you receive will be a lovely handcrafted item made from Cypress and we find that no two are alike. Each one is truly unique and one of a kind. The wood color and wood grain are gorgeous -  handcrafted by one of our Sew Much Nicer member's husband.