11.5" x 2" Bag Frame - True Stainless Steel

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11.5" x 2" made from true stainless steel 

This size is compatible for the following Sew Like a Rock Star Patterns:

•  Expandable Mojo Bag - Medium Size.

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_________ Tip for this Product _________

Use a scrap strip of fabric to store your rods together.
This keeps different sizes in your stash from tangling with each other. 

__________    Info for this Product  _______

These are fabricated from clean stainless steel in Colorado, USA.

When you order "1", you will receive two rods.
Two rods create 1 pair that will make one project. 

As pictured, they include the black caps on the ends.
This is a clean way to protect your fabric from being punctured. 

We sell these as a courtesy item so that you don't have to go out and source the rod, cut it, bend it, etc.... if you don't want to.  :)  

Please see dropdown for quantity pricing (if available for this item).   

Available as follows: 

1 = 1 pair (2 rods)

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