8" x 2" Bag Frame

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8" x 2"  Bag Frames for the Bionic Essential (Mojo) Bag

This bag has a complete video workshop and pattern available at www.sewlikearockstar.com  or at our School access  https://school.sewlikearockstar.com/

These are from pristene aluminum and will arrive as a set of 2 rods that create 1 pair.   Will make one 8" x 5" x 5" bag (approximate size to give you an idea). 

We sell these as a courtesy item so that you don't have to go out and source the rod, cut it, bend it, etc.... if you don't want to.  :)  

Each set of two "wires" create a pair to make one framed bag.  As pictured, they include the black caps on the ends to protect your fabric from being punctured. 

Please see dropdown for pricing.   Available as follows: 

1 = 1 pair (2 rods)

3 = 3 pair (6 rods) 

10 = 10 pair (20 rods)

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